Analyst- Activism Defense

Location: New York
Base Salary: $90K-$110K
Industry: Finance

Looking for young analysts out of college 2-3 yrs or so.  Strong Excel Skills.  He is building a team of analysts for his Strategic Advisory group.  The analysts need to be hungry, ambitious, and strong modelers.  This group will look at a pipeline of client targets and listen to what analysts are saying on the street (maybe firms are selling off pieces etc..) to identify firms that are activist targets  or have other operational issues that need resolution.  They will work as defense advisory for these activist targets and M&A targets and help turn them around.  Work is great, they will be trained up and do more than just low level analytics.  

Day-to-Day Responsibilities: 

• Live monitoring of public markets using Bloomberg Terminal and other resources (Thompson Reuters Eikon, CapIQ, PitchBook, MergerMarket, Activist Monitor, etc.) 

• Develop, research, and pitch independent ideas pertaining to companies or industries likely to be targeted by an activist or rumored to be attacked o Create internal materials supporting thesis, and follow-up on previously discussed ideas as the market evolves and new facts come to light 

• Follow ongoing activist situations to determine insights that could aid existing clients or the firm’s business development broadly o Look at industry trends, and try to pinpoint where the ball is rolling before it gets there 

• Assist in the creation of materials for initial pitches as well as shareholder and management meetings o Contribute and attend said meetings to help market the firm’s unique financial assets and ability to play a hybrid law/investment bank role 

• Continually monitor news feeds for up to the minute news breaks and volatile trades 

Key Skills Required: 

• Entrepreneurial Mindset o The firm’s business development efforts are still growing and evolving, giving the Analyst extensive opportunity to leave their mark on the platform 

o Analyst will always have a seat at the table and their opinions are taken into great consideration in all aspects of business development and execution 

o Self-Starter, with ability to create new analysis and ideas without being tasked 

• Teamwork and interpersonal skills o In addition to working with the existing analysts, the Analyst will often be called upon to assist and educate legal personnel to help further their financial acumen and BD contributions ? Much different from Banking, since the initial points of contact will be the firm’s legal staff often followed by General Counsel (also legal) at target clients 

• Financial Acumen o The Analyst will need to be able to wear many hats and will need to continue to hone modelling skills alongside macro and micro market judgment 

o Ability to quickly and accurately sort through mountains of incoming market data and be able to find the signals pointing to the needle in the haystack 

o Ability to step back and see the bigger picture, connect the dots, and ultimately make takeaways 

o A strong Analyst will fill a role analogous to that of similarly tenured analyst at an Activist Hedge Fund through idea generation and company analysis (both qualitative and quantitative) 


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