Analyst/Avp - Consumer Compliance Complaint Specialist

Location: Long Island City
Base Salary: $100K-$125K
Total Compensation: $100K-$125K
Industry: Finance

General Description

Responsible for monitoring the overall consumer complaint response program including (1) assessing and responding to all written complaints received from consumers, regulators and consumer advocate agencies; (2) monitoring all branch and back office oral complaints through use of the oral complaint tracking log; (3) compiling monthly reports detailing the categories of complaints  received, their resolution and root cause analysis where necessary; (4) providing metrics tracking of categories of complaints received; and (5) assisting the Consumer Compliance Officer with updating the Complaint Response Policy and training the branches and back offices on proper complaint tracking procedures.

Requires working knowledge of relevant federal and state consumer protection laws and regulations.  Must have strong writing skills and the ability to work independently.  Limited interaction with state and federal regulators.


Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Monitor all regulatory and consumer advocacy portals for incoming complaints.  Reach out to appropriate branch, district manager or back office to obtain relevant information on incoming complaint.  Prepare written response for review by Consumer Compliance Officer.  Upload approved response to appropriate agency within required time frame.  Track complaints monthly through the Bank's complaint case management system.

2.  Monitor, on at least a monthly basis, verbal complaints received by branches and back offices, tracking the same using the Bank's case management system.

3.  Compile monthly reports for distribution to the Board, senior management, the CFPB and other relevant parties, detailing both oral and written complaints received for the month, their resolution and root cause analysis where necessary.

4.  Assist the Consumer Compliance Officer in remediating issues relating to complaints requiring remediation based upon root cause analysis findings.

5.  Develop metrics reporting for complaint tracking.

6.  Update the Consumer Compliant Response Policy and Procedures when and where necessary.

7.  Assist Consumer Compliance Officer with training for relevant staff on complaint tracking.

8.  Assist Consumer Compliance Officer in preparing for regulatory exams.

9.  Participate in regular continuing education to stay abreast of new laws, regulations and regulatory focus to enhance job performance.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

Participate in management meetings as requested by the Chief Compliance Officer and/or the Consumer Compliance Officer to address issues relating to complaint tracking and root cause analysis.    


Education and Experience

Bachelors degree. Extremely strong writing skills.  Strong excel skills necessary.  3 years prior banking experience and/or knowledge of consumer banking laws and regulations.

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