Analyst/AVP - Compliance Testing (Consumer/Retail)

Location: Long Island City
Base Salary: $90K-$125K
Industry: Financial Services

Job Description:

The Compliance Testing Analyst will support the Compliance Testing Team by executing reviews of various Bank products and functions. Testing performed will focus on regulatory compliance, internal controls testing and operational compliance. The Analyst will also be responsible for performing periodic monitoring reviews of various products on an as needed basis as directed by the Head of Compliance Testing. The Testing Analyst role will require the timely delivery of well-developed work papers to support testing reports/monitoring reports. Analyst must be able to produce properly vetted work papers which are well developed (clear, concise and well organized) and require minimal review. The Testing Analyst will be required to interact with various Bank employees including Branch Management, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Legal and Technology at varying management levels.


Job Responsibilities:

Support the Head of Control Testing to execute the testing /monitoring plan. Assist in the execution of the testing/monitoring review cycle. Create well developed issues to document identified control weaknesses. Identify and document existing controls, assess adequacy of control design, provide rationale to support conclusions. Develop test plans to assess control effectiveness. Execute test plans and document testing performed and testing results to allow third party review to be performed with limited outside explanation.

Identify control gaps by informing the Head of Control Testing and stakeholders about issues discovered in a timely manner. Validate issues noted with stakeholders to ensure factual accuracy. Craft well written issues to document control weaknesses identified during testing phase. Develop well written recommendations to assist management in creating corrective action plans. Evaluate management proposed corrective action plans to ensure adequacy, timelines and to ensure plans are fit for purpose. Adhere to the Compliance testing manual when performing reviews to ensure consistency.

Additional Responsibilities:

Corrective Acton plan duties as assigned by the Head of Compliance Testing Evaluate gaps in testing/monitoring schedule, testing plans, and work-paper design to suggest areas for improvement.. Develop efficiencies in testing/monitoring plans. Review departmental policies, procedures and desktop procedures to determine completeness. Identify areas for improvement. Evaluate stakeholder developed remediation plans to ensure target completion date is attainable, based on management proposed timeframe, design effectiveness, sustainability, and timeliness. Review remediation efforts performed by stakeholders and ensure timely completion. Must be able to work independently and within group.

Three or more years of compliance testing/financial services experience preferred. Strong oral and communication skills. Strong organizational skills, ability to liaise with all levels of management. Better than average software (Microsoft office suite) skills are required. Industry related certifications such as - Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Anti Money Laundering (CAMS) preferred but not required.

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